Aufenthaltsraum Server Maintenance Feed

Emergency Reboot(s)

In the following days there will be at least one reboot without prior notice because of urgent updates.

Please check your services.

Domain Names are Back

The domains, and are now back.

If possible, please do not use the temporary domain names anymore as they may be deprecated any time.

Domain Name Issues

The domains, and do not work right now. $ADMIN is trying to take them back.

Please use the domains and for now.

Testing Instiki

As you may have already heard, Instiki (a wiki software) was installed on our server.

The main motivation for this was using different “web”s (i.e. wikis) for stuff like reading courses, so if you need a wiki for something $ADMIN may create one for you.

Moreover, if we think that Instiki works better than our current git-based wiki, we could also consider migrating it to Instiki in the long run, so go ahead and test Instiki! Existing pages in our wiki have already been mirrored in the main web of our Instiki instance, which is editable without any authentication. (However, editing will probably be password protected in “production”)

Server Rebooted due to Physical Node Issue

Our server was rebooted because the host machine it runs on had a problem. Please check your services.

PS: This was not the scheduled reboot that was announced before, at least the dates don’t match. ($ADMIN heard of this unscheduled reboot via a “post-mortem” email notification from the VPS provider.)

Hypervisor Reboot on February 8

$ADMIN received an email saying that the hypervisor which hosts our VPS will be rebooted on 2017-02-08 at 5:30 UTC. They assume that this won’t require any action from our side, but there will definitely be some downtime on that day.

As usual, please make sure that your services are prepared for a reboot and don’t forget to check them after the reboot.

Planned Reboot on November 7

As long as there are no objections, the server will be rebooted on 2016-11-07 at around 18h UTC for maintenance. $ADMIN hopes that notifying the world more than 2 days in advance is enough.

Please make sure that your services don’t blow up because of a reboot and don’t forget to check your services after the reboot.

Deleting Snapshots

Starting from October 1, 2016, DigitalOcean’s snapshot storage will cost money. ($ADMIN is having hard times finding a publicly available announcement, but they have definitely received some emails about it.)

Therefore, if there is no objection until September 26, 2016, 13:00 UTC, all snapshots of the Aufenthaltsraum server except for the last one will be deleted in order to save money. This means that the snapshots from November 22, 2015 and December 27, 2015 will no longer be available. (The one from the last distro upgrade, namely from May 15, 2016, will remain intact until another snapshot is made.) is back!

While renewing and, $ADMIN noticed that was available for registration again, so they registered it.